So, you’ve your heart set on one of Focusrite’s awesome audio interfaces. However, you need to know what best fits your necessities amongst the Scarlett vs Clarett ranges. In any event you are on to a winner but as with almost everything, you would like to make certain that your cash is occurring the best bit of package. Allow Dawsons assist you to out.

Scarlett interfaces

Focusrite’s Scarlett interfaces would be the bestselling USB audio interfaces on this planet, and with excellent purpose. Boasting Excellent specs and excellent Establish excellent, they adhere to 3 Main tenets; the Scarlett style concentrates on attaining the most effective seem on the fastest pace with the best of relieve.In the diminuitive Scarlett Solo on the studio-All set Scarlett 18i20, and not forgetting even further expansion coming in the shape of the OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic, there is a Scarlett interface to meet any and each recording need You may have.

Clarett interfaces

Focusrite’s Clarett interfaces adopted the Scarlett range and boast pretty outstanding appointments in their very own correct. Having inspiration from Focusrite’s coveted ISA mic preamp, the Clarett’s Air-enabled mic preamps present Fantastic overall performance. Initiating Air-Mode switches within an analogue rendition with the famous transformer-based mostly Focusrite ISA mic pre, injecting air and clarity into performances for excellent recording quality.There are possibilities to suit a range of connectivity wants and needs as well with the 4Pre, which offers a whopping eighteen-In/eight-Out interface, the 8Pre that has a generous eight XLR & one/4-inch line inputs plus the OctoPre to develop your link options even further more.However, the a short while ago produced Scarlett third Era of interfaces go some way towards bridging the divide amongst the ranges regarding performance.Where They are relatedFollowing the release in the third Technology, both equally Clarett and Scarlett sequence interfaces attribute ultra-reduced latency USB Form-C connectivity, Air-Manner is enabled for improved acoustic instrument and vocal recordings.

Where they vary

Putting the Scarlett and Clarett interfaces facet by facet, they feature very similar deep crimson panels paired with tactile controls that reply fantastically. Even so, compared with Scarlett interfaces, the Clarett’s are endowed with:A very diverse mic preamp with its individual unique sonic excellentA broader function established regarding inputs and outputs that includes ADAT and MIDI with increased connectivity to added outboard and MIDI instrumentsMore headroom for greater sound managingElevated dynamic range throughout all analogue inputs/outputs. For the mic inputs This is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 often 118dB A-weighted for Clarett USB and 111dB A-weighted for Scarlett Gen 3A lot more innovative Air mode: The Air mode in Clarett improvements the enter impedance from the preamp, which applies a distinct colour to the mic’s properties, together with the Air EQ boostMinimized latency to ensure that if you integrate amp sims and guitar outcomes plugins in true-time, every little thing runs smoothly


In a nutshell, you should always purpose to get the finest interface that the spending budget allows. If it makes it possible for, then a Clarett edges factors over the Scarlett. Nonetheless, that does not indicate to convey the Scarletts are outdated hat, They can be the bestselling USB interfaces on the earth for Excellent motive. Scarlett interfaces supply Remarkable recording capabilities at affordable price ranges and cater to All people from soloist to ensemble.

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