People take out life insurance policies to ensure that their nearest and dearest are left with an inheritance in case something happens to them, but few think of income protection cover. Health insurance cover is just as or even more necessary as a situation can arise suddenly where you are unable to work for a period of time pandemic? or maybe forever and it is this income protection cover which helps you pull through these difficult times. If it is a temporary period where you cannot work due to illness or injury you receive a regular income under the terms and conditions of your policy for this period. You will be getting an amount which is 75% of the salary lost under your health insurance cover.

If you are the main bread winner in the family, it is an added responsibility to ensure that you have a guaranteed income which is there regularly to take care of your family. Income protection cover will guarantee this regular income if a situation occurs where you cannot work due to illness or injury – ensuring a regular flow of income, avoiding financial turmoil in a difficult period of your life. Your health insurance is your shield which will protect you against these problems by providing you with money to live on.
If there are bills to be paid every month and a mortgage on your home you will be in difficult financial circumstances if these expenses are not met and it could result in you losing your home and also look at having a bad credit rating without proper cover. You may be indefinitely out of work and the situation could build up into a desperate one. Income Protection Cover will ensure this does not happen, and ensures that you have a regular income.

You have to plan your future now – and insure against the unknown, income protection cover will help you insure yourself, against ill health and injury, with all insurance premiums deductible against tax. There are several different health insurance schemes giving you different levels of cover and premiums vary for each one of them. So if you want to make sure that you have adequate cover – and insure yourself – then act now and get the health insurance you need.

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